J Ashley Jewelry - Fundraise with Jewelry - Stoughton, MA
Fundraise with J Ashley Jewelry!

Have a charity that you would be interested in raising money for?

J Ashley Jewelry would love to help! 

J Ashley Jewelry participates in as many small charity fundraisers as possible each year. A specially-designed stamped piece of jewelry, which you would help design, will be created, and part of the proceeds will go towards the charity or fundraiser that you are helping. Pricing for fundraiser pieces will vary by design, but a predetermined amount agreed upon between you and J Ashley Jewelry, somewhere between $10 and $15, will be donated per piece sold. All pieces are made of sterling silver and each letter is hand stamped.   Interested in participating or want more information? Contact us for more information here!

 *Due to the overwhelming amount of fundraising opportunities that arise and the demand of the business itself, J Ashley Jewelry regretfully will not be able to handle all requests.


Past Fundraisers


Boston Strong Fundraiser

Since the Boston Marathon Bombings of April, 2013, our Boston Strong awareness collection has donated $775 to the One Fund, five necklaces to benefit raffles,  $1,336.77  to team MR8, and $397 to the Norden Brothers Benefit Fund, with the proceeds coming from themed earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. These hand-stamped sterling silver pieces have also been donated to victims of the bombings and their family and friends.